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No.6 Lathe

This is designed for those wanting a lathe for general work with a greater capacity than our No. 5 lathe, and yet within the range of foot power. It swings 12 inches on the face plate, 6 inches over the tool carriage, and 44 inches between centers. It has all the necessary appliances for rapid and accurate execution of both light and heavy work. Having our patent velocipede foot power and improved seat, the operator sits comfortably in the best possible positin for the management of his work, and can work steadily without fatigue. Motion can be started, stopped or reversed instantly, at the will of the operator, and from one fourth to one third more power can be applied on the work than with any old style foot power, and with greater ease. The seat can be moved readily along to any part of the bed that the work requires. With its back gearing and cone pulleys the lathe has a great range of speeds.

It is thoroughly and substantially built of iron, steel and brass, each used where it will best serve. The head stock has a hollow steel spindle that will take in a 7/16 rod through its entire length. The boxes are of gun metal and accurately fitted to the spindle, with provision to keep them true and take up wear. The tail stock can be readily set at any desired point or taken altogether from the lathe bed without removing nuts or bolts.

It can also be set over for turning tapers. The spindles of both head and tail stocks are of steel, with positively true taper holes for the reception of the centers, and the tail stock center is self-discharging. The tool carriage is a model of convenience and accuracy, and is gibbed to the bed. The tool can be set to the work at any position or angle desired, also to bore a taper hole or turn a ball, features not ordinarily in the movements of tool carriages. All the works are securely protected from chips and dirt, thus insuring long wear and durability to the most costly and vital parts of the lathe.

This lathe has both independent rod and screw feed and reverse feed. The gear furnished can be combined to make some 500 different leads of thread. As a screw cutting lathe it is simply perfect. All the gearing (except that in the foot power) is cut from solid metal in the best machinery known for gear cutting and is as true and noiseless as it is possible for metal gear to be. The price of the lathe, complete, as described, is $150. It weighs 510 pounds. Boxed, ready for shipment, it weighs 650 pounds. An extra length bed can be furnished that will take 5 feet between centers at an extra cost of $20.

From the 1885 catalog of W.F. & John Barnes Co., Rockford, Il.

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